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Wall Street English has over 400 learning centers located in 28 territories in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The Digital Books are a collection of Wall Street English Student Workbooks that are delivered to Students online through an interactive Learning Management System.

As the platform needed a redesign to meet the new native design requirements, it was the right time to improve the User Experience and Information Architecture.

The main challenge was to create a cohesive experience which was unified under a single brand, even when spread across multiple platforms (iOS / Android / Windows / OS X)

After we decided on the new concept based on user testing results, we were ready to implement our findings in a sustainable, ongoing manner.

The next steps in the design process were presenting the new concept, informing the rest of the development and QA teams and starting to work on sketching and refining the Product Map. It was really important to have this in place at an early stage as it conveyed a more detailed picture of the user journey and a feel of the entire product.

The sketches were followed by higher fidelity wireframes, which were discussed with product managers and lead developers until the smallest details and edge cases were reviewed. This was the last step before creating a more detailed mock-up to be prototyped in InVision and showcasing the flow to stakeholders for the final approval.

Seeing that this product was aimed to be used by all categories, the design had to be almost invisible, in the sense that users would already feel as if they were accustomed with the interface. With this in mind, we chose a native approach and studied in depth the iOS and Android design guidelines. 

We built a new style guide in addition to the redesign of the platform that documents the implementation and design guidelines: Typography, Color palette, Grid System, image styles, buttons, forms and UI patterns. Design system gave product team a reusable, component-based approach to development the product.

Wall Street English Digital Books are used by over 180,000 Students in 28 territories.​​


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